Rally Timer : Always in time, always winning !


The application is available by clicking this link

Application for iOs Apple Rally timer is intended for the co-drivers practising the rally of regularity. It is about a real assistant to help you in the whole of the calculations necessary for the progress in this kind of rally.

Application Rally timer does not require either cellular network, or the use of the GPS function of your iPhone. She is available for iPhone and for iPad.

To take advantage at best of features of the application, we recommend :

  • to close all the applications on your iPhone / iPad;
  • to use plane mode ;
  • to set the automatic locking of your iPhone / iPad on "never".

Require iOs 9. If necessary, Think of updating your iPhone / iPad.

v3.2 available :
 Time setting in the app. The clock of the iPhone is very precise, but it does not correspond necessarily at the time of the rally. Time can be adjust by difference by adding or by deducting seconds and 1/10°.
 Programming of the departure time of your ZR. Like that, no more need to press on the start button at the time of departure, the cedencer can leave alone. You always have the possibility of cancelling an automatic departure time and launch manually the cadencer.
 New numeric keyboard. We had lost this typeof keyboard with iOs7, you will find it in this version both on iPhone and on iPad.
 Ergonomic improvements in particular when you have to program several ZR with a better mastered scroll and buttons allowing to rise and to come down in the list.

v3.3.2 :- now three decimal for more precision.
v3.0 :- Possibility of scheduling several Regularity Test with several changes of average. The number of Regularity Test and change of average is unlimited.
 Possibility of scheduling changes of average while the timer works.
 Automatic backups of the scheduling of the automatic timer.
 Addition of spanish language.
 IPhone5 and Mini iPad compatibility .
 Ergonomic improvements with in particular bigger buttons in the timer.
v2.2 available : Improvement of the ergonomics of the timer, the autostart can activate automatically the timer, language and unit of distance are now customizable.
v2.1 : Keypad for the iPhone instead of the standard numeric keyboard and English version.
v2.0 : The version of the application which contains henceforth a manual cadencer and an automatic cadencer allowing to schedule multiple changes of average. The table of average was accordingly adjusted.